BGP Engineers, a specialized company with focus on climate change, renewable energy and sustainable development. Our key abilities are policy advise, consulting, engineering, project development, project implementation. Our staffs have been working in several countries and have been realizing projects in the climate change sector, in the energy sector, in renewable energy projects, in forestry and for waste management and industrial installations. BGP’s mission is for sustainable development which we regard as essential to preserve the earth, its natural resources and human society. As we live in a global village, our focus is international, but we always work on local scale. We have experience in many regions of the globe. We hold offices in Ukraine, Indonesia and Turkey.

Current CO2 level in the atmosphere


Bio-energy in Ukraine

On the 6th of March 2013, in Poltava, BGP’s Ukrainian staffs member mr.Andrey Yefimov has signed, on behalf of the company, a Letter of Intent with the director of the “Phytofuels” group of companies. The agreement is focused on the development of biomass-based projects in this part of Ukraine. The City of Poltava is in the agricultural heartland of Ukraine and offers many opportunities for the utilization of biofuel for energy generation. There is great interest in the use of biomass for the district heating projects.
To the meeting representatives from Dutch organizations were present. Mr.Kees Kwant, head of biomass projects at Agency-NL, who was also presnt, has played a key role for the cooperation.

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EKOTEN textile company saves on energy

Ekoten is a larger manufacturer of textiles in Turkey. The company, located near the city of Izmir, produces all kind of high quality fabrics for well-known customers including Adidas, BMW and others. The specific energy consumption of the company (kwh per m2 of fabric) is high however and it is the management’s aim to drastically reduce this.
BGP Engineers, in the framework of a Turkish-Dutch technological cooperation project under the PSOM, has developed an Energy Efficiency program which is aimed to reduce the overall energy consumption of the production processes. Some of the key measures are:
- Upgrade of the compressed air system
- Energy recovery on the stentors
- Introduction of infrared drying techniques

Key to the program is the monitoring of the company’s energy performance. For this purpose, BGP Engineers, in cooperation with technology providers, have developed an advanced monitoring system which allows remote monitoring of all the key energy parameters of the factory. In total some 25 parameters will be registered and analyzed.
The monitoring equipment was manufactured in the Netherlands and, after being transported and installed, will be operational by end of March 2013.

In June 2013 a large, national workshop will take place in Izmir. At the workshop, textile manufacturers from all over Turkey will have the opportunity to be informed about the monitoring system and the energy efficiency technologies implemented.

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BGP Engineers nominated for Fast Growing Companies award!

"FD Gazellen 2012" - For the ninth time in a row, the Financial Times/Financieele Dagblad organizes the FD Gazelle Award to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands ( This year, BGP Engineers is among the nominees. Our company has indeed grown rapidly over the past three year, comments Willem Maaskant to Lex van Langen and Anne Vos of KPMG (, a leading auditors firm who are co-sponsor to the Award's organization.

The winner of the Award for the southern part of The Netherlands will be
announced during an event in Veghel on 27 November.


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Hydropower station in Ukraine in operation!

Since last week, in the small village of Novolabun (Khmelnitsky region, central Ukraine) hydropower is produced. A team led by BGP Engineers, have reconstructed an old hydropower station that was abandoned since more than 20 years. The station was reconstructed, new equipment was installed and the installations were connected to the public electricity network. Now, the water from the river Chomorra enters into a lake and feeds the hydropower station. The area is known for its recreational and natural values.
The commissioning work was supervised by BGP's Ukrainian staff, Andrey Yefimov, who was responsible for all local coordination and management.

The project is executed in the framework of cooperation in the field of environment between the Governments of The Netherlands and Ukraine (PSO-M) and serves as a demonstration of the possibilities which exist for small scale hydropower in the lowland areas of Ukraine.

BGP's partner for this project is Alten GES, a small and independent supplier of (renewable) energy. The turbine technology was supplied by WTW (, a company with much experience in Eastern Europe. The hydropower station is provided with the latest control and monitoring equipment and the turbine design is very well adapted to lowland conditions such as small water flows and small level differences.

The project fits well into the strategy of Ukraine to diversify its energy resources and to become less dependent on fossil fuel.

The pictures show (1), the reconstruction of the dam, (2) the monitoring system,  (3) the connection to the public grid  and (4) a view on the turbine 

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